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About Us

KNOWLEDGE REMINDER is a small IT start-up based in India. Our passion is to make website creation easier and more affordable. We created WWW.SHOPPINGROCKNROLL.COM in that spirit. It offers a catalog of FACTS you can fully and easily GAIN YOUR KNOWLEDGE WHAT HAPPENING IN THE WORLD.
We built our online website KNOWLEDGE REMINDER in 2019 and we were the first website offering BOTH SHOPPING STUFFS AND SOME WEIRD FACTS. Since then, we are working hard to improve our tool to offer you SECRET FACTS so that you can save time TO GO ANY OTHER WEBSITE and GET ALL HAPPENINGS IN THE WORLD more quickly and easily.
Since 2019, KNOWLEDGE REMINDER has helped thousands of people. 
When KNOWLEDGE REMINDER was launched, it was on top of Delicious for several days among the most bookmarked websites in the web design related categories.
WEBSITE OWNER- Suveer singh